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Sell Your Property on the French Riviera

You wish to sell your property

In case you decide to sell your property, then we can really help you achieving this goal.

Agence Bird is an official registered real estate agent and has the responsibility to protect your interests and has as sole purpose to help you find a buyer as quickly as possible at the by you determined price.
The advantages we can offer you are:

  • an official evaluation report for free
  • our expertise and access to our international client base and sales network.
  • our international marketing and advertising pool as well as our heavily visited website
  • we provide our customers legal advice for local and international queries.
  • we provide a translation service that enables you to sign the sales agreement in your own language. We do have sales agreements available in English!
  • we do the follow up of credit and mortgage applications.
  • we take care of the transfer of the water, electricity and insurance contracts.
  • we take care of the necessary documents needed to complete the final deed (bvb “loi carré”, “loi SRU”, asbestos, lead, termites,…).
  • and much more.

How do you start?

It is actually very simple to put your property for sale. The only thing we need is your name, email, address and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Let Us Help You!

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